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    facts to confuse you ... Ermm ... I mean clues - yeah, that's it.

This is a manually posted FAQ, intended to answer the Frequently Asked
Question:  What is the DoD?  This WitDoDFAQ is posted to 
http://denizensofdoom.com and 
https://www.facebook.com/groups/39098091212/files/ only - since it isn't 
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                   What is the DoD?  FAQ  VERSION 10.1.1  

Changed February, 13 2015 to update/remove links that have changed or been 
retired and to update stale sections. Added data from Speedy's DoD site.

Changed May, 26 2014 to update the KotWitDoDFAQ and instructions for 
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Note from the Keeper of the What is the DoD FAQ:
Years back, a tradition known as Gang-FAQing has appeared on rec.moto.
Motivated, I'm sure, by pure selflessness and a desire to help, many kind
folks _enthusiastically_ respond via e-mail to posted requests for info on the
DoD.  A probably unintentional side effect of all this generosity can be a
swamped FAQee's mailbox.  Please note that the KotWitDoDFAQ, unlike
the previous KotWitDoDFAQ, has a rather limited grip on reality, and as
a result, is rather easily amused.  He therefore, not only condones 
Gang-FAQing, but will occasionally participate in said activity.  What 
can I say?  I'm a helpful guy.

Note to gang FAQers:
If you're gonna do it, do it right and make sure your own name appears on your
mail, and not mine.

The KotWitDoDFAQ is {someone}.  Send corrections, 
additions, etc. to motohead@DenizensOfDoom.com ... that will get you mail bombed 
with a copy of the DoD List - but, hey, your comments will eventually get read 
by a real person who may or may not agree with you.


The DoD Rules                   by consensus
The DoD Logo                    by Chuck Rogers                DoD #3
DoD "Road Rider" article        by Bruce Tanner                DoD #161
DoD: The Saga Unfolds           by John Sloan                  DoD #11
The DoD  (this started it all)  by The Denizen of Doom         DoD #1
The DoD Anthem                  by Jonathan Quist              DoD #94
The DoD man page                by Alan Fleming                DoD #4210
Why you have to be killed       by Blaine Gardner              DoD #46
Patches? What patches?          by Blaine Gardner              DoD #46
Letter from the AMA museum      by Jim Rogers, Director AMHF   DoD #395
The photo archive               courtesy of Bruce Tanner       DoD #161
Other DoD resources             by various Keepers             DoD #misc
The reviews archive             courtesy of Loki Jorgenson     DoD #1210
Winona ftp site                 courtesy of John Stafford      DoD #1956
Updated stats & rides info      by Jon Steiger                 DoD #1038 
How do I get a DoD number?      by Jon Steiger                 DoD #1038
How can I placate the KotL?     by Charlie Smith               DoD #709
The KotL man page               by Rob Opiela                  DoD #2064
More DoD links ...              by Assorted Denizens           DoD #*
Member's home pages ...         by Assorted Denizens           DoD #*

  The Rules, Regulations, & Bylaws of the Denizens of Doom Motorcycle Club

>From time to time there is some mention, discussion, or flame about the rules
of the DoD.  In order to fan the flames, here is the complete text of the
rules governing the DoD.

         Rule #1: There are no rules.
         Rule #0: Go ride.


     The DoD daemon as seen on the patches, pins, etc.   Created by

   Chuck Rogers,  car377@druhi.att.com,  DoD #0003

                :-(           DoD            )-: 
               :-(  x    __         __    x   )-:      
              :-(  x    / /         \ \    x   )-:     
             :-(  x    / / -\-----/- \ \    x   )-:    
            :-(  L     | \/  \   /  \/ |     F   )-:   
            :-(  I     | /    \ /    \ |     L   )-:   
            :-(  V     \/ __   /   __ \/     A   )-:   
            :-(  E     / /  \     /  \ \     M   )-:   
            :-(        | |   \   /   | |     E   )-:   
            :-(  T     | | . | _ | . | |         )-:   
            :-(  O     | \___// \\___/ |     T   )-:   
            :-(         \     \_/     /      O   )-:   
            :-(  F       \___     ___/           )-:   
            :-(  L        \ \     / /        L   )-:   
            :-(  A         \ vvvvv /         I   )-:   
            :-(  M         | (   ) |         V   )-:   
            :-(  E         | ^^^^^ |         E   )-:   
             :-(  x        \_______/        x   )-:    
              :-(  x                       x   )-:     
               :-(  x   rec.motorcycles   x   )-:
                :-(          USENET          )-:


            "Denizens of Doom", by Bruce Tanner (DoD 0161)

      [Road Rider, August 1991, reprinted with Bruce's permission]

There is a group of motorcyclists that gets together and does all the normal
things that a bunch of bikers do.  They discuss motorcycles and motorcycling,
beverages, cleaning fluids, baklavah, balaclava, caltrops, helmets, anti-fog
shields, spine protectors, aerodynamics, three-angle valve seats, bird hits,
deer whistles, good restaurants, racing philosophy, traffic laws, tickets,
corrosion control, personalities, puns, double entendres, culture, absence of
culture, first rides and friendship.  They argue with each other and plan
rides together.

The difference between this group and your local motorcycle club is that,
although they get together just about everyday, most have never seen each
other face to face.  The members of this group live all over the known world
and communicate with each other electronically via computer.

The computers range from laptops to multi-million dollar computer centers; the
people range from college and university students to high-tech industry
professionals to public-access electronic bulletin-board users. rec.motorcycles 
(pronounced "wreck-dot-motorcycles," it's the file name for the original group's 
primary on-line "meeting place") carried about 2250 articles per month; it was 
read by an estimated 29,000 people. The new root location is on Facebook at
https://www.facebook.com/groups/39098091212/. Most of the frequent posters
belong to a motorcycle club, the Denizens of Doom, usually referred to as the

The DoD started when motorcyclist John R. Nickerson wrote a couple of parodies
designed to poke fun at motorcycle stereotypes.  Fellow computer enthusiast
Bruce Robinson posted these articles under the pen name, "Denizen of Doom." A
while later Chuck Rogers signed off as DoD number 0003 Keeper of the Flame.
Bruce was then designated DoD number 0002, retroactively and, of course,
Nickerson, the originator of the parodies, was given DoD number 0001.

The idea of a motorcycle club with no organization, no meetings and no rules
appealed to many, so John Sloan -- DoD number 0011 -- became Keeper of the
List, issuing DoD numbers to anyone who wanted one.  To date there have been
almost 8,000 memberships issued to people all over the United States and Canada,
as well as Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Norway
and Finland.

Keeper of the List Sloan eventually designed a club patch.  The initial run of
300 patches sold out immediately.  The profits from this went to the American
Motorcycle Heritage Foundation.  Another AMHF fund raiser -- selling Denizens
of Doom pins to members -- was started by Arnie Skurow a few months later.
Again, the project was successful and the profits were donated to the
foundation.  So far, the Denizens have contributed over $1500 to the AMA
museum.  A plaque in the name of the Denizens of Doom now hangs in the
Motorcycle Heritage Museum.   [ see below for current donation total ]

As often as possible, the DoD'ers crawl out from behind their CRTs and go
riding together.  It turns out that the two largest concentrations of DoD'ers
are centered near Denver/Boulder, Colorado, and in California's "Silicon
Valley." Consequently, two major events are the annual Assault on Rollins Pass
in Colorado, and the Northern versus Southern California "Joust."

The Ride-and-Feed is a bike trip over Rollins Pass, followed by a big barbecue
dinner.  The concept for the Joust is to have riders from Northern California
ride south; riders from Southern California to ride north, meeting at a
pre-designated site somewhere in the middle.  An additional plan for 1991 was 
to hold an official Denizens of Doom homecoming in conjunction with the AMA
heritage homecoming in Columbus, Ohio, in July.

Though it's a safe bet the the Denizens of Doom and their collective
communications hub, rec.motorcycles (now Facebook), will not replace the more 
traditional motorcycle organizations, for those who prowl the electronic pathways 
in search of two-wheeled camaraderie, it's a great way for kindred spirits to get
together.  Long may they flame.

   "Live to Flame -- Flame to Live"   [centerbar]

This official motto of the Denizens of Doom refers to the ease with which you
can gratuitously insult someone electronically, when you would not do anything
like that face to face.  These insults are known as "flames"; issuing them is
called "flaming." Flames often start when a member disagrees with something
another member has posted over the network.  A typical, sophisticated,
intelligent form of calm, reasoned rebuttal would be something like:  "What an
incredibly stupid statement, you Spandex-clad poseur!" This will guarantee
that five other people will reply in defense of the original poster,
describing just what they think of you, your riding ability and your cat.


              _The Denizens of Doom: The Saga Unfolds_

                     by John Sloan  DoD #0011

Periodically the question "What is DoD?" is raised.  This is one of those
questions in the same class as "Why is the sky blue?", "If there is a God, why
is there so much suffering in the world?" and "Why do women inevitably tell
you that you're such a nice guy just before they dump you?", the kinds of
questions steeped in mysticism, tradition, and philosophy, questions that have
inspired research and discussion by philosophers in locker rooms, motorcycle
service bays, and in the halls of academe for generations.

A long, long time ago (in computer time, where anything over a few minutes is
an eternity and the halting problem really is a problem) on a computer far,
far away on the net (topologically speaking; two machines in the same room in
Atlanta might route mail to one another via a system in Chicago), a chap who
wished to remain anonymous (but who was eventually assigned the DoD membership
#1) wrote a satire of the various personalities and flame wars of
rec.motorcycles, and signed it "The Denizen of Doom".  Not wishing to identify
himself, he asked that stalwart individual who would in the fullness of time
become DoD #2 to post it for him.  DoD #2, not really giving a whit about what
other people thought and generally being a right thinking individual, did so.
Flaming and other amusements followed.

He who would become the holder of DoD membership #3 thought this was the
funniest thing he'd seen in a while (being the sort that is pretty easily
amused), so he claimed membership in the Denizens of Doom Motorcycle Club, and
started signing his postings with his membership number.

Perhaps readers of rec.motorcycles were struck with the vision of a motorcycle
club with no dues, no rules, no restrictions as to brand or make or model or
national origin of motorcycle, a club organized electronically.  It may well
be that readers were yearning to become a part of something that would provide
them with a greater identity, a gestalt personality, something in which the
whole was greater than the sum of its parts.  It could also be that we're all
computer nerds who wear black socks and sneakers and pocket protectors, who
just happen to also love taking risks on machines with awesome power to weight
ratios, social outcasts who saw a clique that would finally be open minded
enough to accept us as members.

In a clear case of self fulfilling prophesy, The Denizens of Doom Motorcycle
Club was born.  A club in which the majority of members have never met one
another face to face (and perhaps like it that way), yet feel that they know
one another pretty well (or well enough given some of the electronic
personalities in the newsgroup).  A club organized and run (in the loosest
sense of the word) by volunteers through the network via electronic news and
mail, with a membership/mailing list (often used to organize group rides
amongst members who live in the same region), a motto, a logo, a series of
photo albums circulating around the country (organized by DoD #9), club
patches (organized by #11), and even an MTV-style music video (produced by #47
and distributed on VHS by #18)!

Where will it end?  Who knows?  Will the DoD start sanctioning races, placing
limits on the memory and clock rate of the on-board engine management
computers?  Will the DoD organize poker runs where each participant collects a
hand of hardware and software reference cards?  Will the DoD have a rally in
which the attendees demand a terminal room and at least a 386-sized UNIX
system?  Only time will tell.

The DoD has no dues, no rules, and no requirements other than net access and a
love for motorcycles.  To become a member, one need only ask (although we will
admit that who you must ask is one of the few really good club secrets).  New
members will receive via email a membership number and the latest copy of the
membership list, which includes name, state, and email address.

The Denizens of Doom Motorcycle Club will live forever (or at least until next
year when we may decide to change the name).

                      Live to Flame - Flame to Live


                       The DoD

              by the Denizen of Doom    DoD #1

Welcome one and all to the flamingest, most wonderfullest newsgroup of
all time: wreck.mudder-disciples or is it reak.mudder-disciples? The
Names have been changes to protect the Guilty (riders) and Innocent
(the bikes) alike. If you think you recognize a contorted version of
your name, you don't. It's just your guilt complex working against
you. Read 'em and weep. 

We tune in on a conversation between some of our heros. Terrible
Barbarian is extolling the virtues of his Hopalonga Puff-a-cane to
Reverend Muck Mudgers and Stompin Fueling-Injection: 

Terrible: This Hopalonga is the greatest... Beats BMWs dead!! 

Muck: I don't mean to preach, Terrible, but lighten up on the BMW
     crowd eh?  I mean like I like riding my Yuka-yuka Fudgeo-Jammer
     11 but what the heck.  

Stompin: No way, the BMW is it, complete, that's all man.

Terrible: Nahhhh, you're sounding like Heritick Ratatnack! Hey, at
     least he is selling his BMW and uses a Hopalonga Intercorruptor!
     Not as good as a Puff-a-cane, should have been called a

Stompin: You mean Wee-Stream.

Terrible: Waddya going to do? Call in reinforcements???

Stompin: Yehh man. Here comes Arlow Scarecrow and High Tech. Let's see
     what they say, eh? 

Muck: Now men, let's try to be civil about this.

High Tech: Hi, I'm a 9 and the BMW is the greatest.

Arlow: Other than my B.T. I love my BMW!

Terrible: B.T.???

Arlow: Burley Thumpison, the greatest all American ride you can own.

Muck: Ahhh, look, you're making Terrible gag.

Terrible: What does BMW stand for anyway??? 

Muck, Arlow, High: Beats Me, Wilhelm.

Terrible: Actually, my name is Terrible. Hmmm, I don't know either.

Muck: Say, here comes Chunky Bear.

Chunky: Hey, Hey, Hey! Smarter than your average bear!

Terrible: Hey, didn't you drop your BMW???

Chunky: All right eh, a little BooBoo, but I left him behind. I mean 
     even Villy Ogle flamed me for that! 

Muck: It's okay, we all makes mistakes.

Out of the blue the West coasters arrive, led by Tread Orange with
Dill Snorkssy, Heritick Ratatnack, Buck Garnish, Snob Rasseller and
the perenial favorite: Hooter Boobin Brush! 

Heritick: Heya Terrible, how's yer front to back bias?

Terrible: Not bad, sold yer BMW?

Heritick: Nahhh.

Hooter: Hoot, Hoot.

Buck: Nice tree Hooter, how'd ya get up there?

Hooter: Carbujectors from Hell!!!

Muck: What's a carbujector?

Hooter: Well, it ain't made of alumican!!! Made by Tilloslert!!

Muck: Ahh, come on down, we aren't going to flame ya, honest!!

Dill: Well, where do we race?

Snob: You know, Chunky, we know about about your drop and well, don't

Muck: No! No! Quiet!

Tread: BMW's are the greatest in my supreme level headed opinion.
     They even have luggage made by Sourkraut!

High: My 9 too!

Terrible, Heritick, Dill, Buck: Nahhhhh!!!

Stompin, Tread, High, Chunky, Snob: Yesss Yessssss!!!

Before this issue could be resolved the Hopalonga crew called up more
cohorts from the local area including Polyanna Stirrup and the
infamous Booster Robiksen on his Cavortin! 

Polyanna: Well, men, the real bikers use stirrups on their bikes like
     I use on my Hopalonga Evening-Bird Special. Helpful for getting
     it up on the ole ventral stand!  

Terrible: Hopalonga's are great like Polyanna says and Yuka-Yuka's and
     Sumarikis and Kersnapis are good too! 

Booster: I hate Cavortin.


Booster: I love Cavortin.


Muck: Well, what about Mucho Guzlers and Lepurras?

Snob, Tread: Nawwwwww.

Muck: What about a Tridump?

Terrible: Isn't that a chewing gum?

Muck: Auggggg, Waddda about a Pluck-a-kity?

Heritick: Heyya Muck, you tryin' to call up the demon rider himself?

Muck: No, no. There is more to Mudder-Disciples than arguing about make.

Two more riders zoom in, in the form of Pill Turret and Phalanx Lifter.
Pill: Out with dorsal stands and ventral stands forever.

Phalanx: Hey, I don't know about that.

And Now even more west coasters pour in.
Road O'Noblin: Hopalonga's are the greatest!

Maulled Beerstein: May you sit on a bikejector!

Suddenly more people arrived from the great dark nurth:
Kite Lanolin: Hey, BMW's are great, men.

Robo-Nickie: I prefer motorcycle to robot transformers, personally.

More riders from the west coast come into the discussion:
Aviator Sourgas: Get a Burley-Thumpison with a belted-rigged frame.

Guess Gasket: Go with a BMW or Burley-Thumpison.

With a roar and a screech the latest mudder-disciple thundered in. It
was none other that Clean Bikata on her Hopalonga CaBammerXorn. 
Clean: Like look, Hopalonga are it but only CaBammerXorns. 

Muck: Why??

Clean: Well, like it's gotta be a 6-banger or nothin.

Muck: But I only have a 4-banger.

Clean: No GOOD!

Chunky: Sob, some of us only have 2-bangers!

Clean: Inferior!

Stompin: Hey, look, here's proof BMW's are better. The Bimmer-Boys
burst into song: (singing) Beemer Babe, Beemer Babe give me a

Road, Terrible, Polyanna, Maulled, Dill etc.: Wadddoes BMW stand for? 

Heritick, Stompin, Snob, Chunky, Tread, Kite, High, Arlow: BEAT'S ME,

Road, Terrible, Polyanna, Maulled, Dill etc.: Oh, don't you mean BMW? 

And so the ensuing argument goes until the skies clouded over and the
thunder roared and the Greatest Mudder-Disciple (G.M.D.) of them all
boomed out.
G.M.D.: Enough of your bickering! You are doomed to riding
     Bigot & Suction powered mini-trikes for your childish actions. 

All: no, No, NO!!! Puhlease.

Does this mean that all of the wreck.mudder-disciples will be riding
mini-trikes?  Are our arguing heros doomed?  Tune in next week for the
next gut wrenching episode of "The Yearning and Riderless" with its
ever increasing cast of characters.  Where all technical problems will
be flamed over until well done.  Next week's episode will answer the
question of: "To Helmet or Not to Helmet" will be aired, this is heady
material and viewer discretion is advised. 


          Script for the Denizens of Doom Anthem Video

                by Jonathan E. Quist   DoD #94

[Scene:  A sterile engineering office.  A lone figure, whom we'll call
Chuck, stands by a printer output bin, wearing a white CDC lab coat,
with 5 mechanical pencils in a pocket protector.] 

(editor's note: For some reason a great deal of amusement was had at
the First Annual DoD Uni-Coastal Ironhorse Ride & Joust by denizens
referring to each other as "Chuck". I guess you had to be there. I

Chuck:  I didn't want to be a Software Systems Analyst,
 cow-towing to the whims of a machine, and saying yessir, nosir,
 may-I-have-another-sir.  My mother made me do it.  I wanted
 to live a man's life,
[Music slowly builds in background]
 riding Nortons and Triumphs through the highest mountain passes
 and the deepest valleys,
 living the life of a Motorcyclist;
 doing donuts and evading the police;
 terrorizing old ladies and raping small children;
 eating small dogs for tea (and large dogs for dinner).  In short,

   I Want to be      A Denizen!

[Chuck rips off his lab coat, revealing black leather jacket (with
fringe), boots, and cap.  Scene simultaneously changes to the top of
an obviously assaulted Rollins Pass.  A small throng of Hell's Angels
sit on their Harleys in the near background, gunning their engines,
showering lookers-on with nails as they turn donuts, and leaking oil
on the tarmac.  Chuck is standing in front of a heavily chromed Fat

Chuck [Sings to the tune of "The Lumberjack Song"]:

I'm a Denizen and I'm okay,
I flame all night and I ride all day.

[Hell's Angels Echo Chorus, surprisingly heavy on tenors]:
He's a Denizen and he's okay,
He flames all night and he rides all day.

I ride my bike;
I eat my lunch;
I go to the lavat'ry.
On Wednesdays I ride Skyline,
Running children down with glee.

He rides his bike;
He eats his lunch;
He goes to the lavat'ry.
On Wednesdays he rides Skyline,
Running children down with glee.

[Chorus refrain]:
'Cause He's a Denizen...

I ride real fast,
My name is Chuck,
It somehow seems to fit.
I over-rate the worst bad f***,
But like a real good s***.

Oh, I'm a Denizen and I'm okay!
I flame all night and I ride all day.

[Chorus refrain]:
Oh, He's a Denizen...

I wear high heels
And bright pink shorts,
 full leathers and a bra.
I wish I rode a Harley,
 just like my dear mama.

[Chorus refrain]


                            The DoD man page

From: alanf@eng.tridom.com (Alan Fleming)
Newsgroups: rec.motorcycles
Subject: Re: Looking for comments on the late [FAQ - What is the DoD?]
Keywords: It's a joke, son.  A Joke.
Date: 10 Nov 92 22:21:17 GMT

You mean you can't just do a "man" on it?

tridom> man dod

DOD(8C)              MAINTENANCE COMMANDS                     DOD(8C)

     dod - DoD services daemon

     /bin/dod [ options ]

     dod, the DoD services daemon, is normally invoked to to answer a 
     question on the usenet newsgroup rec.motorcycles.

     The environment variable DODNUMBER will effect the defaults of the
     program.  If DODNUMBER is null, then the defaults listed below as
     [default] are used.  The results of a non-null DODNUMBER are also
     noted below. 

     The daemon will ignore all options, if the environment variable
     ORGANIZATION contains the string ".edu". 

          example%  dod

     Options to make things more interesting are as follows:

     ?        Ask "What is the DOD?"  The dod daemon normally responds by
              spawning a flame(1).  [default]

     -F       Ask for the "DOD FAQ"  The dod daemon responds by either mailing
              the FAQ, spawning a flame(1) or sending a wait(1) signal.

     -K       Ask for status of "KOTL(8C)"  The dod daemon responds by spawning
              either a flame(1) or sending the error message "See DOD FAQ"
              See -F option.

     -L       Request status of llama process.

     -ED      Send "Ed Get A Bike" message to DoD daemon.  Message is usually 
              respawns itself rand(1) times.  Messages are ignored by Ed.

     -CS      Send Countersteering message to DoD daemon.  If DODNUMBER is
              0111, the DoD daemon will respond with "Ed Get A Bike" message.
              See -ED option.  DoD daemon may respond with msf(1) command or
              a random, meaningless bit stream from /dev/physics.

     -FJ [n]  Send status message about FJ being top priority bike.  DoD daemon
              normally responds with similar Harley status message and BMW
              status message.  DoD daemon may begin to rapidly spawn flame(1)
              commands and crash.  FJ status message can be repeated n times.

    -BMW [n] Send status message about BMW being top priority bike.  DoD daemon
              normally responds with similar Harley status message and FJ
              status message.  DoD daemon may begin to rapidly spawn flame(1)
              commands and crash.  BMW status message can be repeated n times.

     -HD [n]  Send status message about Harley being top priority bike.  DoD
              daemon normally responds with similar FJ status message and BMW
              status message.  DoD daemon may begin to rapidly spawn flame(1)
              commands and crash.  HD status message can be repeated n times.

        is a current DoD number.  If the environment variable DODNUMBER is
        set to DoD number other than that owned by the invoker, the dod
        daemon will crash.  This is often caused by a flame(1) command
        being spawned out of control.

        is the invoker's organization.  If the string ".edu" is included
        in the ORGANIZATION environment variable, all options are ignored
        and the DoD daemon responds by spawning flame(1) commands. 

     http://DenizensOfDoom.com/dod_list.pdf   List of dod members.
     http://DenizensOfDoom.com/mirror         Digitized pictures of dod'ers.
     http://DenizensOfDoom.com/FAQ.pdf        Answers to all dod questions.

     Any message sent to the DoD daemon may cause it to spawn flame(1)
     commands and crash.  Apparently, some valuable status messages are
     either being redirected to /dev/null, or are being encrypted to 
     appear as request for a flame(1).  This problem is being examined.

     Alan Fleming - DoD 4210

     Program written soon after the invent of rec.motorcycles.

     flame(1), kotl(8C), msf(1), wait(1)

Printed 11/10/92              11/10/92                            1


                      Why you have to be killed.

Well, the first thing you have to understand (just in case you managed to read
this far, and still not figure it out) is that the DoD started as a joke.  And
in the words of one Denizen, it intends to remain one.

Sometime in the far distant past, a hapless newbie asked:  "What does DoD
stand for?  It's not the Department of Defense is it?" Naturally, a Denizen
who had watched the movie "Top Gun" a few times too many rose to the occasion
and replied:

"That's classified, we could tell you, but then we'd have to kill you."

And the rest is history.

A variation on the "security" theme is to supply disinformation about what DoD
means.  Notable contributions (and contributors, where known) include:

Daughters of Democracy (DoD 23)      Doers of Donuts
Dancers of Despair (DoD 9)      Debasers of Daughters
Dickweeds of Denver         Driveway of Death
Debauchers of Donuts         Dumpers of Dirtbikes

(For a comprehensive list consult DoD #709.)


                         Patches? What patches?

You may have heard mention of various DoD trinkets such as patches & pins.
And your reaction was probably:  "I want!", or "That's sick!", or perhaps
"That's sick!  I want!"

Well, there's some good news and some bad news.  The good news is that there's
been an amazing variety of DoD-labeled widgets created.  The bad news is that
there isn't anywhere you can buy any of them.  This isn't because of any
"exclusivity" attempt, but simply because there is no "DoD store" that stocks
an inventory.  All of the creations have been done by individual Denizens out
of their own pockets.  The typical procedure is someone says "I'm thinking of
having a DoD frammitz made, they'll cost $xx.xx, with $xx.xx going to the AMA
museum.  Anyone want one?" Then orders are taken, and a batch of frammitzes
large enough to cover the pre-paid orders is produced (and quickly consumed).
So if you want a DoD doodad, act quickly the next time somebody decides to do
one.  Or produce one yourself if you see a void that needs filling, after all
this is anarchy in action.  If you feel the urge to create a DoDad, the
Postscript image of Geeky The Daemon is on cerritos.edu as DEMON1.PS.

Here's a possibly incomplete list of known DoD merchandise (and perpetrators).
Patches (DoD 11), pins (DoD 99), stickers (DoD 99), motorcycle license plate
frames (DoD 216), t-shirts (DoD 99), polo shirts (DoD 122), Zippo lighters
(DoD 99) [LtF FtL], belt buckles (DoD 99), and patches (DoD 99) [a second
batch was done (and rapidly consumed) by popular demand].

All "profits" have been donated to the American Motorcyclist Association
Motorcycle Heritage Museum.  As of November 1997, over $8280 dollars has been
contributed to the museum fund by the DoD.  If you visit the museum, you'll
see a large plaque on the Founders' Wall in the name of "Denizens of Doom,
USENET, The World", complete with a DoD pin.


Here's a letter from the AMA to the DoD regarding our contributions.

Newsgroups: rec.motorcycles
From: Arnie Skurow 
Subject: A letter from the Motorcycle Heritage Museum
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1992 11:04:58 GMT

I received the following letter from Jim Rogers, director of the Museum,
the other day.

"Dear Arnie and all members of the Denizens of Doom:

Congratulations and expressions of gratitude are in order for you and the
Denizens of Doom!  With your recent donation, the total amount donated is now
$5,500.  On behalf of the AMHF, please extend my heartfelt gratitude to all
the membership of the Denizens.  The club's new plaque is presently being
prepared.  Of course, everyone is invited to come to the museum to see the
plaque that will be installed in our Founders Foyer.  By the way, I will
personally mount a Denizens club pin on the plaque.  Again, thank you for all
your support, which means so much to the foundation, the museum, and the
fulfillment of its goals.


                                Jim Rogers, D.O.D. #0395

P.S.  Please post on your computer bulletin board."

As you all know, even though the letter was addressed to me personally, it was
meant for all of you who purchased DoD goodies that made this amount possible.



             [ Note from the person updating the FAQ: ]
           Since Arnie Skurow passed away in December 1996,
              museum donations directly in Arnie's name 
                   have totaled over $2950.


                       The rec.moto.photo archive

First a bit of history, this all started with Ilana Stern and Chuck Rogers
organizing a rec.motorcycles photo album.  Many copies were made, and several
sets were sent on tours around the world, only to vanish in unknown locations.
Then Bruce Tanner decided that it would be appropriate for an electronic
motorcycle gang to have an electronic photo album.  Bruce not only
provided the disk space and ftp & e-mail access, but he took the time to
scan most of the photos that are available from the archive. 
Speedy Mercer, DoD# 8177 has since provided time and space on his account to 
host the new home at http://DenizensOfDoom.com free of charge.

Not only can you see what all these folks look like, you can also gawk at
their motorcycles.  A few non-photo files are available from the server too,
they include the DoD membership list, the DoD Yellow Pages, the general
rec.motorcycles FAQ, and this FAQ posting.

The archive is at:


There is also a photo archive on our Facebook page here:


A couple of comments:  Bruce and others put quite a bit of effort into this, 
so why not drop them a note if you find the photo archive useful?


      Other rec.motorcycles information resources.

There are several general DoD resources that may or may not
have anything to do with the DoD.

The DoD Yellow Pages, a listing of motorcycle industry vendor phone
numbers & addresses, was maintained by bob pakser but is now sadly out of 

The List of the DoD membership is maintained by The Keeper of the List.

This WitDoD FAQ (surprise, surprise!) is maintained by Speedy Mercer.

Additions, corrections, etc. for any of the above should be aimed at
the keepers of the respective texts.


> John Stafford has been kind enough to provide another ftp site for
> rec.motorcyles denizens. Here's the info from John:

    Oct 97:
    John's site isn't up anymore - I'm not sure if the Winona
    management caught up with it or just what.  We still appreciate
    John having had the server up for several years.

John Stafford  Minnesota State University @ Winona
                    All standard disclaimers apply.


            Updated stats & rec.motorcycles rides info

Some of the info cited above in various places tends to be a moving target.
Rather than trying to catch every occurrence, I'm just sticking the latest info
down here.

Most of us live on the Facebook DoD page these days. It is located at:

Estimated readership stats for for rec.motorcycles groups:
      rec.motorcycles      ?
      rec.motorcycles.racing   ?
      rec.motorcycles.harley   ?
      rec.motorcycles.dirt    ?

Approximate DoD Membership: 2,873+

You may obtain a current listing of DoD numbers by sending e-mail to:  
(E-Mail content is not important, as it will never be read by a human
anyway).  Actually, this isn't true ... it does get read and then
mostly ignored.  8-)

DoD contributions to the American Motorcyclist Association Motorcycle Heritage
Museum.  Over $8330!  As of December 2001.


         How do I get a DoD number?

If the most Frequently Asked Question in rec.motorcycles is "What is the
DoD?", then the second most Frequently Asked Question must be "How do I get a
DoD number?" That is as simple as asking the Keeper of the List (KotL, accept
no substitute Keepers) for a number.  If you're feeling creative, and your
favorite number hasn't been taken already, you can make a request, subject to
KotL approval.  (Warning, non-numeric, non- base-10 number requests are likely
to earn a flame from the KotL.  Not that you won't get it, but you _will_ pay
for it.)

Oh,  and  just  one  little, tiny suggestion.  Ask the KotL in e-mail.  You'll
just be playing the lightning rod for flames if you post to the whole net, and
you'll look like a clueless newbie too.

By  now  you're  probably  asking "So who's the KotL already?".  Well, as John
Sloan notes below, that's about the only real "secret" left around here, but a
few (un)subtle hints can be divulged.

    o DoD # is based on a unit of measure is an astronomical unit of distance
      derived by the theoretical annual parallax (or heliocentric parallax) of 
      one arc second.

    o Rode to RCR X with a pink flamingo on the back of his Moto Guzzi earning 
      the "Tackiest Lawn Ornament" award

    o Is credited as the author of IANA SNMP MIB, Enterprise branch 
      under .  The company is now defuct, so the email doesn't work.

    o Oompah'ed RCR set closest to Deals Gap.

    o Name is commonly mispronounced or mistaken for the Captain of a Starship.

    o Has won 3 "Keep it Running" Awards with the same Ducati.

    o Following is part of a picture of the KotL.
       You can check the Facebook DoD pictures for the full, original 
       picture.  There are other pictures of the KotL and the same bike.

Big Clue: (see file http://DenizensOfDoom.com/mirror/KoTL_pic.uu)

    The KotL thinks that prospective DoD members should be able to explain
    why they believe they have correctly identified the KotL, email messages
    just saying 'gimme a number' will likely get ignored!  Or soundly flamed!

            How to amuse, placate, and generally bribe the KotL:

The KotL has told me that requests must show creativity and imagination.
Here's an example that showed up in the KotL's mailbox, taking this to 
the extremes:

>Mighty KotL, please hear my words: 
>        To the new KotL I give praise;
>        Now that you're here, O'happy days!
>        I come to make a request,
>        To be fulfilled at your behest,
>        This appeal that I now raise:
>        I am a writer of code,
>        Who rides the open road.
>        To Geeky's realm I aspire,
>        A DoD number I require,
>        So I may flame from my cathode!
>I make tributes to your coffers; with the following verse I bring as offers: 
>        Wreck.moto fulfills my needs,
>        Joys of computers and steel steeds.
>        Talking bikes on the net,
>        How much better can it get?
>        Forever debating the best of the breeds.
>        Geeky rules in the land of Doom,
>        Dwellers there gather in eternal gloom.
>        They ride by day, post by night, 
>        Flaming away with great delight.
>        Inhabitants in a state of perpetual fume.
>        The Denizens' world is full of fire,
>        Attacking squidly threads they never tire.
>        Each post is fair game,
>        Putting squids to their shame,
>        No one is ever safe from their ire! 
>I hope that these words of wit; will help in my favor, just a little bit?
>Your humble applicant,
>        jarend@dsac.dla.mil (Jeffry A. Arend)

You obviously don't have to go this far ... but, as the KotL is easily amused,
you ought to try to spice it up a bit.  Note: This was written a while back, 
when Lisa DeLorme was the KotL, and she was sort of in need of amusement.

One more thing, the KotL's telepathic powers aren't what they used
to be.  So provide some information for the list, will ya?  The typical DoD
List entry contains number, name, state/country, & e-mail address.  For

0000:Wyle E. Coyote:AZ:wyle@Acme.Manufacturing.Com

(PS:  While John mentioned above that net access and a bike are the only
requirements for DoD membership, that's not strictly true these days, as there
are a number of Denizens who lack one or both.)

                        the KotL man page
Subject: DoD #?
To: KotL@DoD.Headquarters.net
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 15:41:52 -0400 (EDT)
Cc: opiela@nh.ultranet.com (Rob Opiela)

opiela@krumm(/ )>man DoD#
No manual entry for DoD#.
opiela@krumm(/ )>got a light?
No match
opiela@krumm(/ )>man KotL
KotL(2)                    System Calls                    KotL(2)
     KotL - Keeper of the List
     KotL [ -what_is_dod ] [ -grovel grovel_file ] number_request
    -what_is_dod - Either Flame(4) spawned or ignored. Depends on version.
    -grovel      - Better be added if you want a number sometime this year...
    Since the Keeper of the List only responds to the ultimate in electronic
    groveling, it is best not to pester him/her with useless, wordy, pathetic
    excuses for requests to numbers. Just send him a number_request in email
    formatted as below and wait.

    0000:Wyle E. Coyote:AZ:wyle@Acme.Manufacturing.Com

opiela@krumm(/ )>KotL -grovel oh_please *:Rob Opiela:NH:opiela@nh.ultranet.com

Printed 05/28/98


more DoD links ...

KotL hints:
KotL Hint Picture:
DoD List: 
DoD Facebook Page:
Official, Sanctioned DoD Squid Purity Test:
DoD Archive (was: Mirror of Cerritos Photo Archives):
DoD Stuff for sale in Norway:
Tri DoD Page:

Member's home pages ... as we've come across them

Charlie Smith #709:
Jim Brewer #0307's "Big Stick Racing"
David Braun #412:
Nick Pettefar #1069, first:
Nick Pettefar #1069, second:
Hal Work #0488:
Norwegan membership list:
Finnish membership list:

for Charlie Smith, DoD 709, KotL (retired), RIP my friend

     Please send any comments, ideas, or corrections to 
     motohead@DenizensOfDoom.com for the moment.  You may or may not
     get a response - but besides getting yourself mail bombed
     with the DoD List ... your comments will be read.